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dare to lead. dare to love

It may be true leaders are made not born, but life and leadership are intertwined.  We're all leaders in our own lives in ways we don't always see.  My leadership journey carries echoes of "who me?" reluctance, until I broke myself open to noticing the ordinary courage that existed within.  What is a mother except a leader?  Raising a child to know love and compassion.  What is a teacher except a leader?  Sharing wisdom and curiosity for the world.  What is a woman with a wild heart anything other than a leader?  Living her life with the aspiration of joy.


Playing big meant I needed to integrate my heart and head.  I needed to tame my inner critic and treat her softly. It meant I needed to reimagine a new leader.  The leader I was craving to see but didn't see enough of.  One who leads with authenticity, compassion, curiosity and service. One who knows the magic of joy + love + power.  One who does this for herself because it feels good and right, and in turn unawarely inspires others.   


My coaching and facilitation inspires you to do stuff that matters so that you have that have impact in the work you do and the life you have.  


My practice is grounded in science, with a heart-centered, thoughtful approach. I’m a certified Erickson International Coach and trained in Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead Curriculum and Daring Schools Curriculum; a licensed Heart Centered Facilitator; an accomplished Teacher and Instructional Coach; a Business Owner – This combined experience enables me to design reflective, immersive experiences that help you prioritize wellness and joy, push through inner critics, unhook from feedback and redesign what’s sacred.


I help create brave spaces where people are accepted where they’re at, where they’re encouraged to embrace their unique genius, and where they are empowered to do the hard and holy work they may shy away from or are outta gas for.  On the outside, this may be in a school, a business, or in the quiet solitude of your home, but at its core, it’s in your heart.


Listen, I’ve done a few things in my community, across Alberta schools that have gotten me some high fives.  I’m grateful for the praise and experience.  What I’m most proud of though, is the impact I’ve made on over 1100 children, as well as their parents, grandparents, and caregivers.  The opportunity to have stood in front of, or sat across from, hundreds of teachers speaking about how to lead with love.  Real love.  This is the heart centered work that matters to me.

A little counter culture right?  A little radical maybe?  But it's what we need, especially in our leaders.  A whole lotta joy. A whole lotta love. That's real power.  



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