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becoming is a never ending love story

"Becoming is never giving up on the idea that there is more growing to be done." ~Michelle Obama

When I write these posts, the words that form in my mind and move to my hands are lessons I want to leave. To my children, and to my little girl self. It’s my creative way to practice living and loving with my whole heart.

So when I think of my life, who I am now, and who I want to be tomorrow, next week, 20 years from now, I realize that Becoming is never ending. It's a way of life born out of love, for myself.

It's not not accepting who I am now, and my worth. Our imperfectness is perfect. That’s absolute. It’s literally just knowing there’s so much to learn from this world and it’s our mission (should we each choose to accept it) to get curious, learn, grow, become, repeat.

Like the title says, it’s a never ending love story. And it demands nourishing certain things inside ourselves. Things Brene Brown talks about needing for a wholehearted life:

· self compassion

· authenticity

· resilient spirit

· gratitude & joy

· trusting your intuition & faith

· creativity

· rest & play

· calm & stillness

· meaningful work

· laughter, song & dance

Cultivating all of these good things, is like taking a watering can to your soul, growing your humanness.

But our attention seems to be constantly swayed toward papery goals and wispy mile markers that beguile us with happiness...only for a moment.

Achieving, attaining is nice, and there's nothing wrong with it. Let that good girl guilt go! We just have to remind ourselves not to get attached to it.

I love it when I’ve done something freaking awesome, and I certainly like having nice things (especially when they’re shoes). But it doesn't have substance.

Achievement doesn’t have staying power. Once caught or got, we move on wanting more and bigger. If we just get there, have that, we’ll be happy. We go round and round on that little hamster wheel thingy, constantly striving and wanting. Never really feeling deep inner peace when we lay our heads on the pillow at night.

The real work, the soul work, not just the surface day to day work, is in accepting and listening to the dark and the light of you, knowing there's always more growing to do, as a certain first lady puts it.

Everything falls into place from there. Filling your heart, feeding your passions, and driving the life and meaning you want. It’s the sweetest gift that keeps on giving. Trusting that you’re whole right now because the work is being done. Letting down your guard down and just letting go in the name of learning and growing.

Why waste your energy on being less than you.

Isn’t it sweeter to become more of the all the gorgeous parts of you. Feeding color into this world like a big bouquet of Gerber daises?

Get your brave on, girl. Stick your head out the window and soak up what the world is offering you today. She’s sending it straight your way. The question is, are you seeing it? Hearing it? Feeling it?

So, to my15 year old self, hear me loud and clear when I say,

I love you. Keep wearing those pink high top Chuck Taylor’s. They’re really cool, and always will be. More importantly, don’t worry so much about becoming some-thing important. You already are. Live your life becoming yourself. Bring that to everything you do. That’s the love story you want to create in this world.



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