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child & understanding

the first holding you knew was in my womb

i wrapped you safe inside my body

the sound of my heartbeat your first melody

what i ate, you ate

what i drank, you drank

what i felt, you felt

i nourished you with what i nourished myself

love, hate, joy, anger, sadness, wonder

i fed my humanity into your divinity

and when you were ready

i birthed your beauty to the world

~ child

the first holding i knew was in your womb

you wrapped me safe inside your body

the sound of your heartbeat my first melody

what you ate, i ate

what you drank, i drank

what you felt, i felt

you nourished me with what you nourished yourself

love, hate, joy, anger, sadness, wonder

you fed your humanity into my divinity

and when i was ready

you birthed my beauty into the world

~ understanding

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