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i heart u

Hey gorgeous. Just a short note today sharing something you need to hear.

Here's the thing. A little mind blower for you.

Not all days are great.

(Actually, some really sh#@t the bed.)

And if that's the space you're in right now I want you to know this: You’ll be okay.

You're resilient. Strong. You've made it this far. Maybe by the seat of your pants, but you're here. Start living that truth.

A while back I took a playful e-course, a photo treasure hunt, with Superhero Life creator, soon to be author, Andrea Scher. Among the many daily prompts one had staying power. She asked us to look for a heart. Andrea shared about a really low time for her when she begged for a sign from the Universe, that everything would be okay. When she looked up, there in front of her was a heart. Out of the blue. We know better though, don't we? She did too. Then and there she knew and received the gift of being held and marvelously loved.

Everything was gonna be okay.

My turn, now. So I walked everywhere. Nothing. Didn't see a damn heart any where I looked in town. Like what the heck? Finally I said to myself (a little loudly inside my head), “Really? I get it, it's a fluffy course, but can you throw me a bone here? Just 1 will do.”

“Pretty please?” (for good measure)

Are you ready for this? You know what's about to happen, right? I rounded the corner on the street I was walking, and along the fence was this…

It was totally the pretty please :)

Loud and clear. I'd be a fool to not see it. An even further one if I didn't get the message: You're loved. Never doubt it. Everything will be okay.

I believe we're held in a power much bigger than us in this miraculous life. Call it God, the Universe, Spirit, Karma...or don't. We write on our hands, put alarms in our phones, post sticky notes on our fridges to help us remember so many should's and to do's. This is just another reminder but in the form of a beautiful love note. One sent just to you.

So start looking for a hearts. Give yourself a little TLC and let yourself be reminded how loved you are and that no matter what, you'll be okay.

On that note, here's a peak of a recent heart I found…

Get close...


laurie-ell xo


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