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girl, get serious!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Falling in love with my husband wasn’t a love at first sight moment.

A flash from the heavens that said, “This is the one, Laurie-Ell!!” I could tell you all the things I loved then, and still love today, about him, but that’s not what makes me love him.

What makes me love him is the way he makes me feel. Watching him, I always felt like I could be anything, do anything.

Mainly because he is unapologetically himself.

“It was the way he laughed at himself that made me want that for myself."

Let's just say, I took life waaay too seriously. Some days, I still do. I'm a work in progress.

Sometimes as women I think we do that to ourselves, take the weight of the world on our shoulders. We lose ourselves in everybody else. Spinning out of control while trying to control every little thing. As a result we forget that we should play the game of life not just live it. Be fun, not just have fun. Laugh with others, but mainly at ourselves. All the time knowing deeply and lovingly how precious and amazing we are. JUST - THE - WAY - WE - ARE.

So let’s play a little.

That’s right gorgeous. Celebrate YOU! In 15 minutes, give or take a few, take a quick imaginary selfie and name 25 random things about yourself. Here’s mine:

1) Anne of Green Gables is my fav novel of all time (Anne Shirley was my biggest role model)

2) I have a brown pigmentation in my green eyes, and find it hilarious when people first notice it.

3) I lip synced Madonna’s, True Blue, while running for Spirit Queen in grade 11.

4) I was a cheerleader for most of my junior and senior high years.

5) I know I was called by God to be a teacher.

6) I love being alone.

7) I love meaningful, deep conversations.

8) Sometimes, when it’s just the perfect snow day, I lay down and make snow angels.

9) When I was little I wanted to be and archaeologist.

10) I dirtbike.

11) The best anniversary gift I received from my husband was a pair of running shoes (after I accidentally forgot mine on holidays).

12) I sucked my thumb til I was 9.

13) I’m a tom-boy at heart. Loving Star Wars, comic books, every Marvel and DC movie out there.

14) A few years ago I went to a playoff Red Sox game at Fenway Park!

15) Pink! Is my all time favorite musician!!! (saw her by chance @ Disneyland, nearly peed my pants)

16) Speaking of Disneyland- Never ever wanted to go in my lifetime. When I did I cried on the curb of Main Street USA because I was so worried I would let my kids down for the day. I didn’t. Stayed til the magical end. It was the best day ever!! Been 4x since. Now, "I do believe in fairies. I do! I do!"

17) OMG...8 more???

18) I have NO middle name.

19) If I had been a boy I was going to be name Rory.

20) I was premature, weighing 4 pounds something.

21) I had a pet chipmunk named Chippy when I was 10.

22) I love rhubard pie with vanilla ice cream.

23) I can listen to Howard Stern (luv, luv, luv!!) one moment and Joel Osteen in the next, loving them both for who they are and what they bring to this world.

24) I can still vividly remember what it felt like when my babies (now 22 and 20) used to kick inside of me.

25) After 23 years of marriage there are moments when thinking of my husband that I still blush.

There it is. Complex and complicated yet unapologetically simple. Just the way I’ve come to like it.

Taking on the world starts by taking on yourself. Loving who you are. Unfiltered. Once you got that down, everything is possible.

Take what you need and leave the rest.xo

Love and appreciation,


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