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loving this stuff, lately!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

We all fall a little in love with things sometimes. Here, now, today this is what's tickling my fancy. Enjoy!!

1. Stevia - the no sugar sugar for when I crave the sweet stuff in my tea. 2. Self Compassiontrying it out!  It seems to be a pretty nice fit for my head and heart.  Highly recommend it.

3. Loving Kindness meditation"may I be safe, may I be peaceful, may I be kind to myself, may I accept myself for who I am".  Then do it for others, "may you be safe, may you be peaceful, may you be kind to yourself, may you accept your glorious self for who you are". (wink wink) 4. Everything Kristen Neff so there's a definite pattern here!  Kristen Neff,  leading psychologist in Self-Compassion.  Reading her book, Self-Compassion the Proven Power Of Being Kind To Yourself will be transformative.  Here's a slice of beauty just for you...

Splendor is a human quality and belongs to us all ~ KN  

5. The mandarin chili candle sitting behind me right now - mmmmmm 6. Peloton - uhhh, ok . I know not everyone loves spin bikes but I adore this one!  I'm hooked line and sinker. Jenn Sherman, Ally Love, and Denis Morton make my day!

7. Hot bubble baths and chilled white wine

8. Succession, On Demand can't get enough of that dysfunctional and yet functional family. 9. Sparkling water in a crystal glass (with a little slice of lemon) 10. Warm mittens and a woolen toque  11. Walking the dog (or 2) - during the week I get to walk my son's new puppy while he and his wife are at work.  My 9 year old dog and their new puppy love romping in the snow.

12. The picture above - The colors feed my soul

13. This beautifully said quote (again by Kristen Neff) - "Remember that if you really want to motivate yourself, love is more powerful than fear." 

And, I'll leave it at that.

Take what you need and leave the rest. xo

Love and appreciation,


ps - What do you love lately? Make a list of your own. It's a perfect gratitude practice.

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