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take a moment

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

My son, my beautiful boy, a young man now, was recently married. OMGoodness... with all my mama love it was like the first lingering taste of strawberry ice cream. Delightful.

My son was born an old soul, with a quiet wisdom that shone brightly from his spirit. That spirit calls upon him the goodness of this world. Including his beautiful bride. So it wasn’t unexpected to me, but came as a surprise to the guests when after dinner he asked us to “take a moment.”

He asked all of us to slow down and take a moment of silent reflection. On the day. All that happened. The people around us. Those who weren’t. He was giving us the opportunity to imprint a piece of time into our memory. Into our soul. Their intention was for us to really pay attention and notice. Not just for a second or two, but for a whole 3 minute song.

In truth he was giving us permission to open our hearts and feel even more. My beautiful boy and now daughter, in all their wisdom, gave a precious gift. The gift of being right here, right now. Not somewhere in the past, or the future where worries and concerns live, but here in the present. They brought us back to our natural state of being. A place where the air is clear and we can breathe.

But I know, and so do you, that life isn’t always like this. Our world spins so quickly, with such color, that we’re constantly distracted. Like Alice, we find ourselves continually down a rabbit hole. It seems that human beings are striving to find a place of peace but it eludes us. Or does it?

When my son asked us to take a moment, he kindly showed us the way. This event was easy to see because it was big and joyous and in our face. But small or big, good or perceived bad, moments are always around us, happening for us. And it’s up to us to do 2 things:

1. NOTICE the moments


So even though my son is pretty smart, Mama always knows best, so I’m just going to tweak his words a little.

Don’t just take a moment, steal them.

They’re right in front of us and more precious than gold.

Life gives us glimpses of what's possible. What you choose to do with that moment is up to you. Only then can we begin to flow through this life the way we were intended to.

So whether it’s the baby crying, a classroom of loud children, a feeling in the bottom or your gut about your job; or a small hand in yours, a gentle rain, or your son’s wedding these moments are all the same. They're difference makers. For you to steal and gratefully make yours.

With love,



P. S I'd love to hear about your moments. Share them with me on my Facebook page.

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