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TGIF|it's a flying miracle


This week it was the miracle of lift and drag. That, and the ability and knowledge of my 20 year old son who is training to be a pilot. My mothering job has many duties but mainly it's to encourage and support. In return I get to share snippets of my, now adult, children's lives. So I asked my son Tyson, if he would be willing to take me for a flight last Sunday. Those of you out there with young adult children...Do you remember the minute when the tables were turned? When they didn't need to trust you as much as you needed to trust them? I was about 500 feet off the ground in a single engine Sessna when that mind blowing realization hit. Forcing myself to breathe, because there was a bit of turbulence on our take off, I was forced to clearly see the truth. When he was born I trusted that God would always have a hand in his life. It didn't all lie on my shoulders. And looking at him beside me, in the cockpit of this plane (which btw is almost the entire inside of the plane) I knew that We did a good job. And as my role begins to change and become more on an "as needed basis", God's never will. So with solid trust, I could let go and allow Tyson to be in control of this flight. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!


I'm grateful we lived! Just kidding...


Right now I'm reading anything by Richard Wagamese, a Canadian author and journalist who died in 2017. His book, Embers: One Ojibway's Meditations is beauty on every page. He believed that storytelling is a gift we give ourselves and each other. Stories live in our bodies and need to be told. By telling our stories we find a way home to one another. Before I write, I sit with this book in silence and let the words find me. Here are some of my favorites:

"Stories live in our bodies and we need to feel our fingers moving in the process of creation every day."

"Teachings come from everywhere when you open yourself to them. That's the trick of it, really. Open yourself to everything, and everything opens itself to you."

"Freedom is letting go of bounds and barriers, and hurling yourself into the adventure of living."


Well seriously. Did you not here what I did last Sunday? Take a leap of trust. Do something that has the potential to make you pee in your pants just-a-little. Follow Wagamese's words and "hurl yourself into the adventure of living."

With love always,


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