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TGIF - listen to my horoscope


Leaning right on into the astrological karma and trusting my horoscope this week.

I don’t usually pay much attention to my sign or my horoscope. Although I’m totally aware that I’m a Sagittarius that straddles the line of Capricorn. I’m a goaty centaur no doubt about it. But aside from the occasional read of my horoscope (I treat it like a lottery ticket...if I’m called to look, it must be a sign) I don’t put much stock in it. But this week, actually the last 2 weeks have talked a lot about being open to what’s ahead. I'm feelin' it! Letting myself hear it. Oh yah. And whether I’m Sag or Capricorn, the message of being open to the call of possibility and saying yes to it, is a good one to listen to, for all of us. So bring it on. I’m ready!


I’m so grateful that the nasty Alberta cold spell has retreated. Allowing me to get back out on the trails with my dog. Love our walks together!!


The thrill of the hustle. That creative force that powers you onward. This week has been filled with it. Reaching out, making things happen, checking things off. I was reminded how exciting and fun the hustle is. There’s effort but also ease. You’re working on a level where it just keeps flowing. I’m inspired by it because I love it here! Where ideas and creativity show up when they’re supposed to. A little out of the blue. Pouring out of us into the world. Making us hustle for it. I love that sh@$. It makes me smile.


I’m really trying to eat well. Cut back on sugar and eat clean. So I’m having lots of fun in the kitchen with new recipes and different ingredients. Tonight, Italian Wedding Soup. Never made it before in my life! Here’s to something new (and yummy!).

All my love,


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