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things I might have taken for granted before, I don't now

Note: this post was first published in May 2020.

This resilience, the way we can turn to ourselves for strength is a beautiful thing.

What if I told you, everything is precious. Now seems like the time to have that truth placed in our lap.

I've sat here, like you, in my home marking off the days on my calendar. It doesn't seem much different to be honest, but when I look out the window and consider what's out there, it is...very different.

Things I might have taken for granted before the Pandemic, I see how really precious they are. A walk outside. A hug from my son. A firm handshake hello. An unmasked smile. Browsing through a bookstore letting my fingertips trail on and in the pages. Smelling the flowers in a shop. Peace of mind on my pillow.

I didn't know that these were pieces of a fragile vase holding miracles to soothe a soul.

I've wasted so much time. On wanting, struggling to be more and not enough. When right in front of me has been the beautiful answer. Simple gifts right there.

Maybe this time, right now, is a gift too. Showing us how strong and resilient we really are. Showing us just how enough we are and how to return to ourselves. Return to simple stillness, simple work, simple pleasures. Milk over cream pleasures. A second read of old books on the shelf pleasures. The voice of your sweet one over the phone pleasures. A return to what's needed rather than what's wanted. A return to recognizing what's precious. What matters.

Reflect on any or all of these questions: What delights you? What makes you feel peaceful? What are the simple pleasures in your life? What matters most to you? Why? If you didn't hold back, what simple back to basics thing would you do to either feel delight, peace, or touch that place of what matters most to you?


laurie-ell xo

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