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i want to tell you...

My dear ones, I'm feeling tender today. Call it Coronavirus discombobulation, but my emotions are close to the surface.

Because here we are. Now, here, at this time. And it seems to be a crucial time. A witching time. When time stands still and also moves quickly like a train about to derail. A junction between old and new. Ahhh, growth. Maybe that's where we're headed.

So I want to tell you how much I love you. Love stands the test of time doesn't it? It's stronger than any virus, isn't it? Love will be around longer than me. It's heart filled, indulgent, and held in imperfectness. Love is blind. Love is good. Love grows, if we choose. Let's choose.

I want to tell you I'm sad. My tears fall down my cheeks, not always, just some days. Like water from the stream of my heart flowing outward. I'm filled with an ache at the breaking of what is, knowing we won't ever go back. The unfolding is scary and I feel it in my bones. That is when the tears come. But I soldier on because what else is there to do?

I want to tell you of the kindness of people. Strangers, neighbors, young and old alike. The goodness in the world as we unite against a common threat. A space has been created for us to find our humanness for each other. To see the ways we're more alike than not. Because we're all more alike than not, period.

I want to tell you that Mother Nature is watching and responding. With foxes, deer and coyotes in the middle of towns, whales moving into waters usually filled with ships, mountain peaks showing themselves for the first time in generations. It's a miraculous thing this motherly world of ours. How easily she forgives us.

I want to tell you that hope is here. Alive inside us to alight in the darkest of times. We are never without it. It directs us where we need to go. I want to tell you about that. How hope enables you to never be afraid. Beating like a living drum inside you. The hope of simply being alive. We are a people designed to hope. To wonder at our present reality and dream of future brilliance. Without that we turn towards darkness, and it hurts.

I want to tell you that in this time when everything has changed, it's hope that is the leader of the band. Demanding us to play louder than the fear that sings it's song in the world right now. Hope for a vaccine. Hope for our friends. Hope for those we love. Hope for our people. Hope for our earth. Hope for our way of life. Hope for our freedom. Hope for our children. Look around, standing tall leading the charge, is hope. And as Maya Angelou once said,

Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space.

So today, if you're like me and you're feeling a little emotionally tender, paint a picture of what you hope for and let your imagination run wild.


laurie-ell xo

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