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little moments set our soul on fire

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Have you ever been caught off guard by something so simple and small? Something that takes your breath away and fills your soul with glorious gratitude? Lifts you with a feeling of wonder?

As a mother I've had many of these wonder-full moments with my children. Watching their sweet little face as they sleep at my breast. Touching the smoothness of their un-walked on feet. Sitting silently beside them as they game with an invisible player on the other set of the headphones.

The small moments aren't just for mothers. They're just really easy to find there because our hearts are invested. But when we open our heart and intertwine it with Life we begin to see that those small moments of wonder are everywhere.

One knocked me over the other day. I have a beautiful wooden and crystal prism hanging in my kitchen. When I hung it I said, "This is where I want it, but it's such a shame that it will never catch the light. It's nowhere near a window." It's hung in this spot for over a year. So I was gobsmacked when the other day at 4:15 pm I walked into the kitchen/dining room and like paint splattered all over the wall were the spotted colors of rainbows! Somehow the light from a distant window had found a beautiful purpose.

I stopped and just took it in. I let the sight fill and overflow my cup so that I can draw upon it whenever I need it.

Today, tomorrow, next on the lookout for a small moment in your wonder-full life. Because life is not found in the big things but in the small moments that set your soul on fire.

All my love and appreciation,


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